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Rainbow Agate Magnetic Bracelet Therapeutic Quad

Rainbow Agate Magnetic Bracelet Therapeutic Quad

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Rainbow Agate Magnetic Bracelet Therapeutic Quad

Handmade bracelet, new made to order. Please message me with your wrist size either before or after purchase as this item is custom made to fit! It is not stretchy to maintain its integrity. If you would like a matching pair I may be able to accommodate, it will just depend on if I have enough of the center stones. Due to the fact that the bracelet is made to fit, some beads toward the end may be slightly different than the photos to ensure proper sizing. The center stones may also have some variation in them as they are natural stones. I'm happy to send pictures of the finished bracelet once I have it made before shipping upon request. All our magnetic beads are made of high quality magnetite, a naturally occurring magnetic stone. It visually appears the same as hematite, which is a more commonly known component of magnetic jewelry, but hematite is artificially magnetized and will therefore lose its magnetic properties over time. Magnetite is hypoallergenic as it is a stone, not a metal. If the bracelet you're looking at is made entirely of magnetite beads (they come in black, silver, rainbow & copper) the entire bracelet will be hypoallergenic. If the bracelet has some fancier components such as rhinestone pieces, these will not always be hypoallergenic. Please message with any questions you may have regarding the components of any of our necklaces.

Health Benefits of Magnetic Jewelry:

Improves blood circulation
Increases blood's oxygen level
Reduces stiffness
Helps clear blood vessels of cholesterol and calcium

It can also help relieve symptoms associated with:
Back aches
Carpal tunnel
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Frozen Shoulder
Heel Spurs
High Blood Pressure
Poor Circulation
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Tennis Elbow

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